Sunday, March 20, 2016

Use your superpower. Didn't know you had one? You do!

As children, we all dreamed of being superheroes and having superpowers. Some of us still do.

Who didn't want to fly, or be super strong, or invisible, or able to teleport through space?

Sadly, superpowers like this only exist in our imaginations. But there is one superpower that everyone most definitely has.

We just have to choose to use it.

It was a sleepy Thursday morning. I was sitting on the train, waiting to arrive in Ljubljana where I'm going to university. I may have been reading a book, or listening to some music, I don't know. About halfway through the ride, this girl comes on the train and sits opposite of me, probably a little younger than myself, with gorgeous, long hair. I couldn't stop staring at it! I wanted to share my thoughts with her but wasn't sure how she'd react to it. The sad reality of our time is, that people are, more often than not, weirded out by kindness. So I didn't say anything. Right up until the train started braking and we were getting ready to get off it. I said it very simply. »Hey, can I just tell you something? Your hair is so pretty.« She looked at me for a second, then gave me the biggest smile. »Aww, thank you!«

See what I did there? I used my superpower to brighten the day of a random person.


And a part of kindness is giving compliments.

Compliments are great! Not just for the receiver, but also for the one who gives them. Seeing the smile on that girl's face made my whole day.

Because it felt so great to be kind to another person, I want you to experience it, too. I would like to invite you to take part in the Random Act of Kindess Challenge: For a week, do one random act of kindness a day. Do something nice for a complete stranger or someone you know well. Help with something, compliment their new hairstyle, anything. Do it just because, and don't expect anything in return.

Share your experience with us! Tell us how it felt to unleash your inner superhero.


  1. "... it felt so great to be kind to another person" - I just love it! It really feels great to be kind, to pay someone a compliment, to be good and to do good. Just keep writing, Martina!

    1. Yes, being kind is the easiest thing in, yet it can make all the difference in the world! Be sure to take part in the Random act of kindness challenge and tell us how it worked out for you :)