Sunday, April 3, 2016

Feeling worthless? We all do sometimes. Read the stories of people who've been there and have made it through.


I have the imagination of a rock.

I start something and can't keep it up.

I can't even follow a simple schedule.

I'm about as useful as non sticky duct tape.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm on top of the world. Sometimes, there's nothing I can't do. Sometimes, the world is at my feet and I can do everything.

Other times ... I feel like I'm feeling right now.

Do you ever get these kinds of feelings? Do you ever feel so incompetent and insignificant and guilty that you can't even? Like, literally cannot even?

I was supposed to write a blog post for tomorrow. I was supposed to produce a page or so of interesting content, to attract new readers and to give existing ones something cool to read about.
Instead, I'm sitting here with a blank mind, feeling like shit because I'm not even competent enough to write one damn post per week.

So, I'm having one of those "why even bother, you're not creative, you're incompetent, nobody even reads your blog..." moments. The problem is, this blog is supposed to be about loving life and doing and being positive but I couldn't, for the life of me, produce anything like that right now.

That's why I asked some of my blogger/enterpreneur friends for help. They're a bunch of mostly happy individuals but can, sometimes, get stuck in a self-hating rut like all of us, but, fortunately for us, they know how to deal with it and have been happy to share their thoughts and struggles with us.

Read their stories:

»Life is about ebb and flow. We don't need to overcome those feelings. They will leave on their own. Pay attention to your feelings rather than fighting them; they may be trying to tell you something.«

- Sue from

»I have definitely experienced depression, doubt, and sometimes guilt that my blog is centered around joy, but I don't always feel it. But heavens, no one would believe you if you were always joyful. I think my honest, struggling - through posts are the ones that people enjoy most. I don't deny the struggle. Rather, I try to offer the concrete ways I do that. Someone nearby who knows me well and can encourage me also helps tons!«

- Ivanna from

If anyone ever tried to tell me they were always happy and positive and confident and shit rainbows, I'd never believe them! 

- Julia from

»I have two stages when depression hits. I have chronic depression (I think that is the term) - I was diagnosed with it several years ago and I have to deal with it much like people deal with diabetes or high blood pressure. I don't mean just taking pills (I'm actually off meds right now) - but I need to be aware of where I'm at and if I'm close to sinking again. My first 24 hours - I give in and sleep or just do whatever. I used to be nonfunctional for days and didn't - I allow myself one full day to just...veg. Who knows...maybe I really need rest? Maybe I need to put my feet up and watch hulu or color in a coloring book? Whatever ... that day becomes my mental health day and my family knows to leave me alone. After that 24 hours...well..that's another post.«

- Peg from (Peg has shared her struggles with depression here and here)

»I was just in this boat last week, literally. I felt like I wrote to a void. I am dealing with health issues that took my career, caused depression, anxiety, and felt utterly worthless. I can say overall blogging and art saved my life. I have trigeminal neuralgia, the suicide disease it is called, due to excruciating nerve pain. I literally thought nobody cared and last week it all turned around. My blog taught me to be real, share your true story. We are women with struggles that make us so real to others. When you feel bad, truly feel it, process it. Then exercise, read, draw, refocus your mind. Deep breathing calms the nervous system, there are good apps. Spotify has my playlist of happy songs, and that really can help. If that doesn't work, turtle in bed and call it a night. I totally came out in my blog about my illness I hid for 6 or 7 years, what the hell was I thinking!?«

- Brandie from

»I love asking others for help when I feel down! Here are my tips "When I'm covered in spit up, the babies don't want to nap, my coffee is cold and my creativity gone, I do these three things. I ask for help with the kids and treat myself to a trip to Hobby Lobby, alone. That normally helps my creativity spark again. If I can't get help, I put the little ones in the stroller and go for a walk outside. The fresh air helps to perk me up. If it's a really bad day, then the only thing that will help is ordering take out, drinknig a glass of red wine and watching Downton Abbey to get my mind off things. Be kind with yourself, you won't always be super creative. You need to rest to recharge.«

- Suzi from   


  1. No one is ever worthless! My husband read your post over my shoulder and explained, "Even non-sticky duct tape has a purpose and can be used for something!!"

    You're doing fine if you draw a blank. We all do it.

    1. Awww, Peg, tell your husband he just made my day :)

      Thanks, I'll try to remember your words the next time it happens to me :)